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How to Find Truth in Falsehood

In order to achieve true personal growth in life, it’s necessary to weed out the truth from the lies.  Like two sides of a coin, falsehood helps you understand truth.  Understanding the falsehood in life helps illuminate the truth that will lead you on a path to greater personal growth.  Here are some ways to find truth in falsehood:

  1. Understand your filter.  The falsehood in your life is a product of the limiting beliefs you have accrued over the course of your life.  Once you understand the filter through which you see life, you can begin to peel away that which isn’t true and experience the personal growth you desire.
  1. Ask Yourself Why.  Take a good, hard look and ask yourself why you believe the things you do?  Why did you pick those meanings, that perspective or those qualities to define yourself with?
  1. Let Go of Fear.  It’s scary examining deeply-held beliefs.  The thought that what we have always accepted about ourselves  might not be true is terrifying.  Giving yourself permission to examine your beliefs allows you to either confirm them or begin a new search to greater enlightenment.

These are a few ways to find truth in falsehood and put you on a course to greater personal growth.


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Limiting vs. Supporting Beliefs

In the journey toward personal growth, you’ll probably encounter the terms “limiting beliefs” and “supporting beliefs” along the way.

But what is a limiting vs. a supporting belief?

In simplest terms, a limiting belief is something you hold to be true about yourself or the world around you that is creating obstacles in your path.  For example, if you are struggling financially, it could be because you have a limiting belief that you are not the type of person who would ever be wealthy.  Thus, you make decisions and live from that reality.

A supporting belief, on the other hand, is something you hold to be true about yourself or the world around you that is in alignment with the life you want to create.  Using the financial objective again, if one of your life objectives is wealth and prosperity, a supporting belief would be that you are the type of person who can create wealth and opportunity easily.

All beliefs exist to establish and maintain our self-perception.  Beliefs that represent the truth about who we really are can be referred to as “supporting beliefs,” while beliefs that represent a skewed, distorted, or otherwise inaccurate self-perception is a “limiting belief.”

As you continue your path to personal growth, it’s important to understand that the terms “limiting” and “supporting” are just names to describe whether or not our beliefs are producing positive or negative results — our subconscious mind doesn’t  distinguish between them this way, and will strive to protect whatever you actually, genuinely believe to be your true identity at your deepest level.

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