Your Subconscious Mind’s Deepest Commitment: Safety

The only reason you don’t have what you want right now is because your Self Developmentsubconscious mind doesn’t think it’s safe for you! You’ve tried it all: visualization, affirmation, and meditation. You’ve even used techniques like NLP, EFT, and chakra clearing and still your goals and dreams elude you. The good news is that it is a simple principle that must be applied in order to achieve your goals, however the challenge comes in applying it properly.

 So what is this principle? Great question! It’s actually a three step process which include:

– Safety
– Congruency
– Frequency

 Let’s look at safety. Basically safety is the operating system of your subconscious mind. Backing up for a moment, the reason our focus is on your subconscious mind when discussing getting what you want is because your subconscious mind controls 95% of every thought, word, and action that you make throughout your day. So if you’re serious about creating immediate, permanent, and meaningful change in your life, your subconscious mind must be involved. And not only involved but not be threatened by what you want. The subconscious only has one thought on its mind and that’s your safety. If for any reason there has been a negative or painful learned association between love, freedom, happiness, money, or whatever else you want, it’s not going to happen. Learned associations (a.k.a. belief systems) are formed very early in childhood and literally set the barometer of what you can expect to receive and experience the rest of your life. The subconscious makes no judgment as to whether this set point serves your higher purpose or is in alignment with your current goals and dreams. It simply has determined based on its infinite wisdom (sarcasm) what’s safe for you. The tricky part with this truth is discovering and understanding how your subconscious mind defines safety and what it’s determined to be threatening for you. We call that a breakthrough.

 Once you’ve uncovered the hidden secrets locked within your subconscious mind regarding safety and threat, now it’s time to create agreement or alignment between all three levels of consciousness including: Super, Surface, and Subconscious minds. Your Super-conscious mind is your “brain free” consciousness. It existed before your nervous system and your physical body. It’s constantly and fully connected with God, source energy, and already knows what’s best for you. Your Surface-conscious mind is what you’re using to read and interpret this blog post. It’s also responsible for coming up with what you want including all your goals, dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, etc. It’s sort of the captain of the ship however, as we discussed it’s the Subconscious-mind (the crew) that really runs the ship behind scenes. The key with this part of the principal is that all three of your minds must be thinking, focusing, and wanting the same thing in order for you to get what you want.

And the last step is frequency. Frequency actually has 2 parts; intensity and repetition. Intensity deals with how passionate, excited, grateful, and emotionally bound you can be to this new reality that you desire. Knowing full well that your existing reality is your subconscious mind’s current definition of safety, regardless if it’s working for you or not. The primary way to get the attention of your subconscious mind, enough for it to consider something different than what it’s already manifested, is to feel really good about experiencing your goal. Repetition refers to practice, practice, and more practice. The second most important way to engage your subconscious mind is through rehearsal, replay, and review. Every second of every minute of every day, act as if you already have the thing you desire. The more familiar your subconscious is with what you want, the safer it becomes and the safer it feels with it the quicker it will manifest.

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