The Top 3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction is NOT Working For You (Part 2 of 3)

Reason #2: The law of attraction is not working for you because your subconscious mind doesn’t understand what you want.

Okay let’s suppose you get through the # 3 roadblock to manifesting your goals and that your subconscious doesn’t perceive what you want as a threat. Now you have to deal with the fact that your subconscious has absolutely no clue what you’re talking about when you say you want more money, a new relationship or better job. Think of your subconscious mind like a computer although it appears to have some level of intelligence it is simply processing data. It doesn’t have the capacity or ability to comprehend the concepts and ideas that your conscious mind comes up with regarding what you want, hope and dream of.

Contrary to popular belief, (and one of the top 10 myths about personal development – blog post coming soon!) You don’t have individual beliefs about money, relationships, career, purpose etc. because your subconscious mind, which creates and maintains your belief system, doesn’t know what those things are. You only have 1 belief and 1 belief only which is; “what do I believe about myself?” Your belief system is rooted in your subconscious self-perception and that’s it; that’s the only thing it understands.

In addition, the only thing it thinks about is; are you safe? These neuroscience facts actually help you become more effective with the evoking the Law of Attraction when you understand how to engage your subconscious mind. Trying to motivate it with things like money, people, vacations and cars doesn’t work because it can’t interpret what you’re saying, it’s like speaking Japanese to someone who speak Russian – major communication problem.

So now you’re probably wondering okay Dr. Matt, “how do you speak to your subconscious mind?” Great question!

The key is to always put YOURSELF in the conversation. Remember the only thing your subconscious mind thinks about and cares about is your self perception and safety. All your goals, dreams, and desires must be communicated to the subconscious mind in reference to you. The questions you must ask yourself are:

“What must I believe about myself in order for this to manifest in my life?

What must this mean about me if this person, place or thing showed up?

What higher truth about me would be expressed in experiencing this thing that I want?”

Once you have the answers to these questions, the next step is to effectively communicate those ideas and concepts to your subconscious mind in association with the goal. This is where traditional personal development modalities such as visualization, affirmation, and meditation would be useful. The key is that you combine the meaning (the intangible) with the manifestation (the tangible).

The Law of Attraction

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  1. Hi Matt, i just listened to your teleseminar with Debra Ponemann. Thank you, that was a great gift. This opens up new avenues for me and clairifies why i have manifested the situations i am in. So great. Thanks again

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