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How to Find Truth in Falsehood

In order to achieve true personal growth in life, it’s necessary to weed out the truth from the lies.  Like two sides of a coin, falsehood helps you understand truth.  Understanding the falsehood in life helps illuminate the truth that will lead you on a path to greater personal growth.  Here are some ways to find truth in falsehood:

  1. Understand your filter.  The falsehood in your life is a product of the limiting beliefs you have accrued over the course of your life.  Once you understand the filter through which you see life, you can begin to peel away that which isn’t true and experience the personal growth you desire.
  1. Ask Yourself Why.  Take a good, hard look and ask yourself why you believe the things you do?  Why did you pick those meanings, that perspective or those qualities to define yourself with?
  1. Let Go of Fear.  It’s scary examining deeply-held beliefs.  The thought that what we have always accepted about ourselves  might not be true is terrifying.  Giving yourself permission to examine your beliefs allows you to either confirm them or begin a new search to greater enlightenment.

These are a few ways to find truth in falsehood and put you on a course to greater personal growth.


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