“To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I knew there were blockages inside of me that were preventing me from moving forward. To have it revealed to me the first day and then to see the results of that breakthrough manifested 2 days later was truly amazing.”
Mary McAuley

“This experience was so awesome and life changing. If I could sum it all up in a saying I will say to people “Get ready to experience Freedom!”
Yvonda Shelton

“Indeed, one of the most mind opening things I have ever experienced.”
Patrick Caballern

“FOUR DAYS FOR RESULTS!… Seriously, who does that? While I did. After studying the blogs on Quantum Emergence.com I found myself on a webinar with Dr. Matt about “limiting beliefs” which led to even more questions so I obtained a copy of his e-book on the website. In 2 days the university I have been wanting to attend enrolled me for the 2013 fall session with a scholarship. After the fourth day, my other desire to become ordained, my certification appeared!… It really is exactly as he describes were manifesting and creating seems effortless. It took a moment and a few more attempts to accept and receive that the positive change was actually real. I pray my experience is helpful. It would bring me great joy to know others feel as blessed as I do…”
Jessica Knight

“Since my QE3 (3 Phase Revealed Self Process) session with Dr. Matt two days ago, I have experienced a great breakthrough. I noticed that people receive me more favorably. I feel respect and love from others more readily. People who previously did not seem to see me now see me. I love this new feeling of respect, attention, freedom and love that I have been experiencing. I feel more connected to other people. This new freedom allows me to be the real me. It’s awesome to just let go and be me. No more pretending that everything is okay, and no more trying so hard to fit in. The truth has set me free! Thank you Dr. Matt”
Katherine Hughes

“Thank you does not even begin to scratch the surface of the gratitude in my heart. It will have to do until I can figure out a way — an earthly way to articulate my enormous appreciation to you for the many gifts you release to set others (me) free with literally life-saving results! How do I possibly express enough gratitude for that? With deepest appreciation, honor, respect and friendship”
Diana Chavez

“Upon completing the QE3 coaching session with Dr. Matt, many incredible things have transpired in my life. Uncovering my own personal Virtue has been a gift in itself. Understanding why I make certain decisions and seeing how I have unknowingly been holding myself back from the success that I desire has been liberating. Dr. Matt has given me the tools to identify and free myself from perceptions that I did not previously realized I held to. Prior to my time with Dr. Matt and Source Trainings, I struggled with the overwhelming feeling that something was missing in my life. Upon discovering my Virtue, I came to know exactly what was missing. I didn’t actively seek ways to mend this hole, but rather, I simply began working on this Virtue and my perceptions. I used the tools given to me through Quantum Emergence to identify patterns in my life and to work through them. As a natural result, what was missing in my life fell right into my lap!”
Amanda Krieg

“Dr. Matt, I’ve had dramatic results in every aspect of my life by applying some simple techniques that I learned from your (Quantum Emergence) system. They absolutely work!”
Greg White

“I’m happy to report that I am a transformed person and an incredible work in progress! I just got back from a Lake Powell houseboat trip — what an inspirational place to reflect on all the positive changes that are occurring for me! It is amazing how my relationships with people have changed — without the self-doubt, judgment and stories, there is so much more capacity to create meaningful connections! I am on track with my daily meditations around my holistic goal. I’ve also opened my heart to accept God and am experiencing the healing that I never dreamed possible! Thank you Dr. Matt and staff for your trust, inspiration and love!”
Sheila B. King

“My life story has now been changed from a victim role to an exciting epic of encounters that have the potential to either change my life and/or with those I interact with. I am open and willing to live, learn and love because I am no longer afraid to speak my truth because of the fear of rejection or being unlovable. Dr. Matt, I believe in your work and know that you are divinely guided. I love the fact that you bring the Bible into expression and can interpret readings into something that can relate to everyone NOW. I., for one, wish you every success as you continue on your journey to help others to recognize who they are and the inherent potential that each and every one of us has to influence and alter our future outcomes in any given situation.”
Linda Juralewicz

“Dr. Matt, after “going to the basement” with you, I got clear that the story that I created about being “not good enough” was why I was experiencing discomfort and stress instead of excitement about my work. I let this belief go by taking responsibility for creating it and forgiving the people who I had been blaming all these years for making me feel this way. I now have less stress, I love more, my ability to feel and read the emotions of others is at an all-time high and I am more confident when approaching large corporate clients about my social media services. I am speedily transitioning from a struggling entrepreneur to a business leader whose knowledge and services are in demand.”
Michael Walker