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Why False Identity Is So Damaging

When you look at the rest of the personal development world, you notice a few patterns emerging.

  • Lots of goal setting techniques
  • Lots of checklists
  • Lots of affirmations
  • Lots of meditations
  • Lots of shoulds and shouldn’ts, and dos and don’ts

I actually believe that all of those techniques can be useful.  But every single one of them misses something important…something deeper…the very heart of the matter.

Here at Quantum Emergence, we do things a little differently.   Our transformation philosophy is identity-based.

But what exactly does that mean?

In a nutshell, this: each of us has a spark of divinity with us.  This spark of divinity is the very core of who we are.  It is the true essence of our natures…who God Himself created us to be.

That spark is our true identity.

When we live in alignment with our identity, we are fulfilled, happy, resilient.

When we live out of alignment with it — or worse, when we try to bury, squash, change, or otherwise do violence to it — we are frustrated, angry, sluggish, unhappy, restless, weary.

Identity is so vital that our entire emotional and psychological systems are designed to protect and preserve our image of who we really are.  Our subconscious minds will cling to our beliefs — even false ones — if they are genuinely held.  You hear a lot about “limiting” and “supporting” beliefs in personal development circles.  But really there are just beliefs.  Our minds have no way of distinguishing between the two.  All it knows is that identity is vital…and must be protected at all costs.

So our subconscious minds will do all they can to protect and preserve those beliefs.

If the identity in which we’ve invested is false — that is, if it is out of alignment with that spark of divinity, that core piece of who God has made us to be — the results can be disastrous.  This can include loneliness, self-destructive behavior patterns, unstable relationships, poverty, and much, much more.

The answer is to come to know who we really are, to reveal ourselves to ourselves.  To embrace our true identity and to leave false ones in the dust where they belong.

How has understanding your true identity helped you create a better life?

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