The Benefit of Limiting Beliefs

Talk to most “self-improvement” gurus, and they’ll tell you that Limiting Beliefs are the Enemy.

They’re not entirely wrong.  Limiting beliefs do prevent you from living the kind of robust, engaged, fulfilled life you were made for.

But what they’re not telling you is that there are actually profound benefits to your Limiting Beliefs.

Yep, you read that right.


You see, we live in a world of grace and power.  Thus, even things that appear to us to be negative or painful can actually be extremely useful and productive.

In the case of limiting beliefs, the primary benefit is contained in this simple truth: your Limiting Beliefs, as painful as they might be, point you to something that is profoundly true about you…something that can help you thrive and succeed.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say that someone insists to you that the sky is red.  How much angst or frustration would that cause you?  Probably none.  You might think them strange…you might wonder what’s wrong with them…you might pat them on the head and try to humor them.

But because you understand that their claim is absolutely, completely false, it doesn’t reel you in.

It doesn’t “hook” you or trigger you emotionally.

Limiting Beliefs are limiting because they contain elements of truth.  They are the dark side, or the shadow side, of something deeply wonderful and divine about you.

Thus, when you flip them over, you make important self-discoveries that you never would have had the opportunity to make otherwise.  The pain of the limiting beliefs has spurred you into reflection, into resolution, into truth.

And as the scripture says, the truth will set you free.

When you think of it that way, it’s a pretty awesome benefit after all, isn’t it?

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