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3 Common Lies People Tell Themselves

You will never develop the meaningful, immediate, permanent change you desire in life unless you stop believing the lies you tell yourself.  The lies you believe as truth get in the way of meaningful, immediate, permanent change and impede real transformation.  Here are three of the most common lies people tell themselves:

  1. “I’ll Be Happy When…”  However you choose to end that sentence: (“…I have more money,” “…I have a girlfriend/boyfriend,” “…I have a better job,” etc.), until you get past the limiting belief that you require someone or something else outside of you to make you complete, you are standing in the way of meaningful, immediate, permanent change in your life.
  1. “I Can’t Do It.”  One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we can’t accomplish whatever it is we’re faced with.  Whether it’s learning a new skill or breaking a bad habit, we forget that we attracted that situation in the first place. 
  1. “I’m Not ______ Enough.”  Again, fill in the blank: (“beautiful,” “smart,” “talented,” “good,” etc.)  This lie is a product of your upbringing and experiences and points you to a deeper truth about yourself. 

Lies like these inhibit your ability to achieve the meaningful, immediate, permanent change you desire in life.  Recognizing the lies for what they are is the first step to real transformation.


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3 Steps in Self-Discovery

Creating permanent transformation in your life may seem an insurmountable and impossible challenge.  Once you understand the keys to self-discovery, however, you will be well on your way to the kind of personal transformation you desire in life.  Here are three steps to self-discovery to get you started:

  1. Examine Your Beliefs.  What do you believe to be true in life and why do you believe it?  If you give yourself permission to closely scrutinize your deeply-held beliefs, you can discover those which are false and which limit your personal growth.
  1. Discover Your Virtue.  Your virtue is who you really are – your core essence.  When you truly understand your purpose and identity and why you are here, you will unlock the potential masked behind the falsehoods in your life.
  1. Create New Beliefs.  As you discover your true identity and filter out the limiting beliefs in your life, you can then create accurate beliefs based on the truth of who you are.

Real and lasting transformation can be yours if you take steps like these towards self-discovery.


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3 Elements of Limiting Beliefs

How can you tell a limiting belief from a supporting belief?  There are three elements that will help you determine that what you’re experiencing is a limiting belief that will hinder your transformation process.

1) Limiting beliefs carry negative emotions.  Limiting beliefs always come with negative emotions attached.

2) Limiting beliefs maintain a low self-image.  If the belief you’re investing in makes you feel badly about yourself, it is limiting.

3) Limiting beliefs always play on one of the three fears of man.  There are three universal fears that afflict humankind: the fear that we are not valuable, worthy, or significant; the fear that we are not loved nor lovable; the fear that we are alone and disconnected.  If the belief you’ve identified is associated with one of these three fears, you can be certain it is a limiting belief.

Understanding and identifying limiting beliefs is an important step on the road to transformation.

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