3 Elements of Limiting Beliefs

How can you tell a limiting belief from a supporting belief?  There are three elements that will help you determine that what you’re experiencing is a limiting belief that will hinder your transformation process.

1) Limiting beliefs carry negative emotions.  Limiting beliefs always come with negative emotions attached.

2) Limiting beliefs maintain a low self-image.  If the belief you’re investing in makes you feel badly about yourself, it is limiting.

3) Limiting beliefs always play on one of the three fears of man.  There are three universal fears that afflict humankind: the fear that we are not valuable, worthy, or significant; the fear that we are not loved nor lovable; the fear that we are alone and disconnected.  If the belief you’ve identified is associated with one of these three fears, you can be certain it is a limiting belief.

Understanding and identifying limiting beliefs is an important step on the road to transformation.

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