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What Is Virtue?

The word “virtue” has interesting connotations in modern society.   We tend to think of it as something that refers to moral goodness — for example, someone who demonstrates behavior that is true and upright.  If you were brought up in a religious household, you might associate it with sexual purity or chastity.   Or perhaps you’ve never thought much about the word at all: it isn’t a term you hear all that frequently anymore.

Would it surprise you to learn that virtue actually means strength?

It comes from the Latin word, virtus, which has connotations of excellence, courage, worth, and valor.

And in the work we do here at Quantum Emergence, it takes on even deeper meaning: Virtue is the term we use to describe your core identity.

What do I mean by that?

Consider the following…

Think about the word “strength.”  When we say that someone has “strengths,” what do we mean?  We often use the word strengths to contrast with the word weaknesses: “Joe has many strengths, but he has some weaknesses, too.”

Of course, when you get right down to it, often a person’s strengths and weaknesses are just two sides of the same coin.

Think about it: a person who is determined can be stubborn; a person who is gentle can be passive; a person who is energetic can be overwhelming.   In your own life, you could probably identify your greatest strength and flip it over to discover that it also carries your greatest weakness. Or if you have an easier time identifying your weakness, flip it over and there you’ll discover your greatest strength.

This has a lot of resonance with what we talked about recently on the blog — the process of discovering the truth behind your limiting beliefs.  By turning limiting beliefs on their head, you often find profound truths.

So what does all this have to do with Virtue?


You see, your Virtue is your core strength: that which is the essence of you.  Many of the problems you’ve encountered in your life have arisen because you have neglected your Virtue and have not been living from that deepest and most essential aspect of who you are.  Quite literally, it is as if you have forgotten who you are and have been attempting to live someone else’s life.  When you understand and embrace your . true self  — who God made you to be — you will find that friction, frustration, and lackluster results melt away.  Knowing your Virtue helps you discover your strength, so that you unleash your best life possible.

There are 9 basic Virtues.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore each one, to help you get a sense for what’s possible when you understand this core aspect of your identity.

For now, here’s a question to consider in the comments below: how have you found that your greatest strengths are often your greatest weaknesses…and vice versa?

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