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3 Ways Your Subconscious Protects Your Beliefs

One of the most powerful mechanisms of your personal identity is your subconscious mind.  In it, you store all your beliefs, memories, and experiences.  Your subconscious mind serves as a defense mechanism to protect the things you believe, whether true or false.  Protecting those beliefs that limit you can give you a false perception of your personal identity.  Here are three ways your subconscious protects your beliefs:

  1. Repression.  The subconscious mind will often take unpleasant or frightening beliefs and stuff them deep inside so that you don’t have to address them or deal with them.
  1. Rationalization.  This is when your subconscious mind takes a belief that creates unwanted or negative behavior and applies excuses or rationales that make it seem acceptable or true.
  1. Imprinting.  Your subconscious mind imprints the attitudes, beliefs, and prejudices of another person onto your personal identity.  This is useful if those beliefs are beneficial, but can be damaging if those beliefs create behaviors that limit your personal growth.

When you understand some of the ways in which your subconscious mind protects your beliefs, you can take further steps to discovering which beliefs are healthy and which are impeding your true personal identity.


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