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God’s Eternal Laws

Do you feel a hollow, empty feeling inside, even if you have everything you think you want in life?

It’s a feeling that can catch up with you at the end of the day when you’re sinking into your bed and maybe having the first quiet moment of the day. It’s just you alone with yourself. Or at least that’s what you may think.

You know there is something more, but you don’t know what it is. You would like to have a clear purpose and direction but can’t seem to find it. You hear about other people embracing TRANFORMATION in their lives but can’t figure out how they did it. Yet you long for it.


The purpose and potential of creation is only found in the mind of the MAKER. To seek your higher self and the meaning of your life without God’s divine direction, revelation and wisdom only leads to failure.

God does have a plan for your true self if only you could know it.

So many of the people and organizations I work with struggle to find their way. I see so much energy being wasted that could be put to use for a higher purpose.

God doesn’t want you to struggle and didn’t create you for that reason.

Here are a few things you should know about reaching transformation through God as you embark on your journey of self discovery.

1) God’s perfect will, plan and desire for your life already exists, complete and simply waiting for you to manifest it.

2) The goal behind the goal of transformation is to discover who God created you to be, to uncover your hidden gifts, strengths and abilities so you can live the life you were created for. Only then are you able to reveal your truth.

3) The drive to experience something bigger, better and more meaningful seems to be at the core of every human being. And guess who put it there?

4) True personal growth emphasizes the importance of an intimate relationship with God.

5) True personal growth embraces and celebrates all transformational work that is created to elevate human consciousness and help people find out who God created them to be.

6) We are all God’s children and in that sense we are all one.

When you can rest in God’s eternal laws and desires for you then change, growth and healing are no longer a struggle.  They occur easily, naturally and effortlessly for you as God intended.

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