Free Teleseminar: The Neuroscience of Manifestation

“The Neuroscience of Manifestation; How to get what you want in every area of life”. An Introduction to the Quantum Emergence™ 5 Step Personal Transformation System.

Do you know what you want? If so, why don’t you have it? I guarantee it’s not what you think! It’s time to start living life from both realms — the Visible AND the Invisible — and manifest the life you were created for!

This call is for you if…

  • You’ve done it all; goal-setting formulas, personal development books, success seminars and even prayer and you’re still wondering “What am I missing?!”
  • – You’re tired of struggling to create the change that you desire to get what you want
  • – You’re stuck in the same old patterns and it’s as if negative experiences keep recycling.
  • – You procrastinate and hesitate and find it hard to take action on what you know you need to do.
  • – You find the positive change that you do make is fleeting and your results don’t stick.
  • – You often miss the opportunities and the answers that are siting right in front of you.

What if I told you there was ONE ROOT CA– USE to all of the above?

(Drumroll please)…

Well, it’s TRUE! It’s an inaccurate subconscious self perception!

Yes, what we know for sure through neuroscience research is that you will never behave (or attract) outside of your belief system. In fact the strongest psychological human drive is to behave consistently with the belief you have about yourself! That means regardless of how bad you hope, want, desire and pray for something, if it’s not in alignment with how you subconsciously see yourself you’ll never get it! (Or if by chance it happens to sneak by it doesn’t stick around for long!)

The good news is there is a solution! — For the FIRST TIME EVER I’m going to teach you my proven system on how to break free from the lie and start living your truth  in this FREE Tele-class “The Neuroscience of Manifestation; How to get what you want in every area of life.”

On this groundbreaking call you’ll learn exclusive insider secrets to manifesting including:

  • – The # 1 thing you need to do to discover the root of the problem (most people fail to create change in their life because they’re focusing on the symptoms!)
  • – The 4 parts of your Mind Prison and how to dismantle it (I’m talking neuroscience fact here not personal growth hype and rhetoric)
  • – My personal secrets to self-discovery and learning what your thoughts, feelings and behaviors really mean. Learning the language of your subconscious mind and how to interpret the messages it’s sending you is critical to your growth and transformation. (These secrets alone are worth their weight in gold and your time spent on the call!)
  • – Exactly how to experience Breakthrough, which is the first step of the Quantum Emergence™ 5 step system, and discover what’s really behind all the stress, heart ache frustration and “failure” in your life.(It’s not what you think!)
  • – The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting to create immediate, permanent and meaningful change in your life. (Don’t even bother with all the techniques, formulas, modalities and strategies I’m about to teach you if you aren’t willing to do this!)

Here is what others have said about Quantum Emergence™ System:

“To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I knew there were blockages inside of me that were preventing me from moving forward. To have it revealed to me the first day and then to see the results of that breakthrough manifested 2 days later was truly amazing.”
Mary McAuley

“This experience was so awesome and life changing. If I could sum it all up in a saying I will say to people “Get ready to experience Freedom!”
Yvonda Shelton

“Indeed, one of the most mind opening things I have ever experienced.”
Patrick Caballern

“FOUR DAYS FOR RESULTS!… Seriously, who does that? Well I did. After studying the blogs on Quantum I found myself on a webinar with Dr. Matt about “limiting beliefs” which led to even more questions so I obtained a copy of his e-book on the website. In 2 days the university I have been wanting to attend enrolled me for the 2013 fall session with a scholarship. After the fourth day, my other desire to become ordained, my certification appeared!… It really is exactly as he describes where manifesting and creating seems effortless. It took a moment and a few more attempts to accept and receive that the positive change was actually real. I pray my experience is helpful. It would bring me great joy to know others feel as blessed as I do…”
Jessica Knight

Enter your name and email below to listen to the replay of this call. Here is what others had to say about the call:

 “Thank you Dr. Matt and team for the amazing call! I’ve been working with you all for a few years now and I’m still learning something new every time you speak! Your work is so important to so many.” – Amanda Krieg

 “Dr. Matt was amazing tonight on the call – I am so grateful I did not miss this. Dr. Matt goes where others only wish they could go!” – Nick Huntington

 Discover for yourself what they’re talking about and how to start getting what you want in every area of life!

**Special Bonus** – Make sure you listen to the entire call because at the end I will take you through a powerful energy clearing process that will immediately open you up to problem-solving ideas, constructive & creative thinking, and emotional freedom!

 I will also be sharing with you why limiting beliefs are NOT the problem and how most personal development programs would lead you to believe that if you change your beliefs you will change your results. Although the premise is accurate, it’s still a symptom-based approach. And as you probably know it’s easier said than done and if you are successful, it usually only yields temporary results! Let me show you the steps to equip yourself to overcome any obstacle and achieve every dream. No matter what you’re striving for or struggling with The Quantum Emergence™ System can help.


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