3 Virtues That Give You Power

Discovering your virtue, or personal identity, is key in understanding why you are here and aids you in tapping into your full potential.  Part of the process of discovering your personal identity involves understanding the Virtue that defines who you are.  There are 9 Virtues in total, and each person has one Virtue that is most dominant in their lives.

Of course, though you have one overarching Virtue, many people have the influence of several or even all the Virtues.

Here are three Virtues that are very powerful:

1.   Diligence.  Diligence produces joy and a hope for future expectations. It fuels hard work and a refusal to give up.

2.   Faith.  Faith is the virtue that enables you to take a leap into the unknown while trusting that you will be protected and safe.  

3.   Valor.  Valor is a sense of trust in oneself and in the world. It is best manifest in people who have an impulse for creative expression. 

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