3 Virtues That Give You Greater Prosperity

Prosperity and abundance and flow from understanding our Virtue, or our core identity.  This entire month we’ve been exploring the concept of Virtue in general and taking a deeper look at the specific Virtues that form the center of who we are.  Each person has one primary Virtue (of nine) that is their deepest, most important gift.

Here are three of the nine Virtues…

  1. Kindness instills in you a sense of appreciation for others as well as a desire for equality.  It is what causes you to have a grateful heart and to fight for the rights and dignity of others.
  1. Goodness. Goodness is the desire to do what is right for pure and unselfish reasons.
  1. Love.  Love is the Virtue of prosperity and abundance.  It craves completion and wholeness, not just for itself, but for all the world. 

Prosperity and abundance can only be achieved in life if you understand and live according to the Virtue that makes up your core being.  These are just three of the Virtues that may be your gift.  By discovering your Virtue, you will be well on your way to a rich and prosperous life.

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