Source Trainings Seminars

Below are the seminars offered by Dr. Matt Mannino and Source Trainings.

Breakthrough to the Real You: Experience the breakthrough you seek… Guaranteed!
2 1/2 Days – $1,295

Discover everything you need to know about the spiritual laws of increase and abundance. Put financial worries behind you as you experience your financial breakthrough and learn to apply these universal principles of attraction. Learn more or register here.

Full Armor Training (MIND): Master your mind and Master your life! 
4 days – $2,995
This course has truly become our signature event. All who attend have significant and profound life-transforming experiences. At the Full Armor Training, you will know that you are a creative force on this planet, able to overcome any obstacle and achieve every desire. 

You will Experience:

  • A profound shift in how you think and feel about your life and what’s really possible
  • New found courage to face any challenge, hardship or obstacle
  • Exactly what’s been holding you back in every area of your life and how to correct it
  • Evidence that you create your own reality
  • Clarity on how to intentionally and deliberately manifest your biggest dreams, goals and desires
  • Confidence to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds
  • The ultimate in teambuilding, leadership and self-mastery
  • What it feels like to have true peace of mind instead of being a prisoner to your mind

This event is held from: Thursday 9am-10pm, Friday 9am-11pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm. Please check our calendar or call our office for upcoming scheduled events.

Ultimate Wellness Experience (BODY): Have the ultimate mind-body experience!
4 days – $2,995
The ultimate wellness experience is truly a celebration of life! At this event, you will learn the latest techniques in mind-body healing and cutting edge energy medicine methods. Live life to its fullest by maximizing your true health potential, youthful vitality, and ultimate human design.

You will Learn:

  • That you’re not your body
  • Simple yet powerfully effective mind-body healing techniques, tips and processes
  • How to embrace your supernatural self and bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual
  • How to clear external and internal energy blockages that are at the core of all human disease
  • The 3 Treasures of Life that are critical for human health and well-being
  • How to eliminate stress from your mind and your body easily and naturally
  • Ancient age defying and youth restoring exercises
  • How to eat and what to eat based on your bodies daily rhythms for maximum performance

Please check our calendar or call our office for upcoming scheduled events.

Divine Destiny Intensive (SPIRIT): LIVE MORE through Purposed Vision
4 days – $2,995

If you’re struggling with feelings of frustration or unfulfillment, it’s probably because you haven’t tapped into who you really are, why you are here, or what your life is really about. At The Divine Destiny Intensive, we’ll lead you through a series of powerful exercises and growth experiences to discover your hidden strengths, talents, abilities, and ultimate purpose and path in life.

You will Discover:

  • Why you are here, what you’re meant to do and what you agreed to before your time began
  • Your divine design and supernatural qualities to successfully navigate human life
  • Your signature strengths, spiritual gifts, core values, innate abilities and natural talents
  • Your true passions and how to live your life through them
  • How to have clarity, confidence and certainty in any decision
  • Your ideal career path that celebrates and capitalizes on your uniqueness
  • The 1 thing that will bring you true happiness and deep fulfillment in every area of life


This event is held Thurday 9am-10pm, Friday 9am-10pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm.  

Please check our calendar or call our office for upcoming scheduled events.