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Breakthrough to the Real You

Expose the beliefs that hold you back and learn the fast track to success in 2 ½ days

October 20-22, 2017 in Phoenix Arizona

  • From: Dr. Matt Mannino

  • Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Matt

Is it time? Time for you to break free from limiting life patterns, negative thinking traps and self sabotaging cycles and start feeling confident, clear and certain about what you want, how to get it and what your ideal future holds?

If YES, then I'd like to invite you to spend 2 ½ days with me to learn how to do it!  
You see, I've cracked the code on how your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) runs pretty much everything that's going on in your life right now, inside and out, and how you can tap into its power to help you not only get what you want but help you live the life you're here for!

In fact your nervous system holds the key for you to easily, effortlessly and naturally experience the peace, joy, love and fulfillment that you are seeking RIGHT NOW! The paradox is that it’s also the very thing that keeps you stuck, limited and suppressed.

Breakthrough to the Real You is the REAL DEAL. It's not motivation, inspiration or "RAH RAH" hype. It's based on the latest cutting-edge neuroscience technology on why you do what you do, think the way you think, and feel the way you feel. You'll learn WHY your life is the way it is and EXACTLY what to do to make immediate, permanent and meaningful GROWTH!

Over the past 25 years as a Chiropractic Physician and personal transformation expert I’ve helped thousands of patients, students and clients get what they want utilizing the scientific system I've developed. Based on our results, It's safe to say I've learned a thing or two about the human nervous system.

Here are the FACTS:

  • You don't have what you want right now because your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) doesn't think it's SAFE for you
  • Your ANS will ALWAYS override and sabotage your conscious hopes, dreams, desires and goals if it doesn't think they are in alignment with who you subconsciously perceive yourself to be
  • Your ANS CONTROLS 95% of everything you think, feel, say and do throughout your day even though you think you're in control
  • The sole PURPOSE of your ANS is to maintain homeostasis, balance and other words it's designed to PREVENT CHANGE!

If you'd like to learn my guaranteed system of life breakthrough, here's your chance. Together, we’ll peel back the veil of your ANS and reveal its hidden secrets AND treasures so that you can start living the life you were created for and end the cycle of fear, frustration, anger, depression and confusion once and for all!

“Breakthrough is amazing and the perfect name!  Discovery is absolute!  You can’t attend this event without head and heart changes and subsequent growth.  I loved every minute, even those that created strong emotion!  Never want to stop growing and will recommend this weekend to anyone willing to challenge past beliefs.” - Dee Blazina


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Breakthrough to the Real You is for you if:

  • You tired of faking your way through life (if you don't know who you are and why you're here you have no choice)
  • You're wondering why personal development seems to be working for other people but not for you (there's a missing link to human transformation that I'll teach you... others stumble on it and don't realize it and rarely can reproduce it)
  • You feel like a fly stuck on flypaper unable to break free from the situation you're in and move your life forward (I actually heard this from a student!)
  • You're frustrated because you've heard it all, read it all and seen it all but still aren't producing the results you wanted (I hear this from a lot of students, including myself, that's why I created this event!)
  • You want real answers followed up with effective action that will correct the underlying cause of what's going wrong in your life and how to accelerate success (no more empty promises and theoretical, philosophical and hypothetical rhetoric... it's time for solutions that work and get results!)
  • You want it all to happen in one weekend... Guaranteed!

“Thank you for your compassion Dr. Matt.  This weekend was exhilarating!  I’m feeling free for the first time.  I have faith in the future and my fear has been surpassed.”- Pamela Peta

Breakthrough to the Real You will take the Guess Work out of Creating a Truly Abundant life because of my 3 step Formula:

1. Clear - Free yourself from the destructive effects of negative thoughts, emotions and feelings and  re-direct this energy to win the battle of the mind.  

2. Connect - Open up the communication lines between your head and heart (surface-conscious and sub-conscious minds) to expose and correct the true cause of life’s challenges by renewing your mind and belief system. 

3. Create - Access your true hearts desire and self-activate your inborn motivation to achieve your goals and create positive meaningful life change.

If you are ready to overcome financial struggles, experience deeper connection in your relationships, address the true underlying cause of health problems and find your true path to life fulfillment then attend this transformational event!

“I had at least three breakthroughs this weekend.  These breakthroughs dealt with  my relationship with money, about taking action without hesitation and in recognizing that my emotions are the path to discovering what I need to do for creating an intention.”-Larry Gruenwald

Here's just some of what you will experience:

  • How to have thoughts, feelings and emotions without being controlled by them
  • How to transform stressful energy into growth energy
  • How to access, learn from and upgrade your “lying” beliefs
  • Powerful techniques to reset your nervous system to seek success instead of safety
  • How to effectively engage your subconscious mind for goal achievement
  • How to “Go to failure” - your belief system must fail in order for you to win!
  • How to stay motivated when you’re ready to quit
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of old habits and self-sabotaging patterns
  • And so much more!

Bottom line this event is about you experiencing BREAKTHROUGH in any area of your life and discovering exactly what's been holding you back, preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams and how to fix the problem once and for all!

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Matt and the entire staff for helping me see what has been holding me back.  I had many breakthroughs and look forward to learning more, thanks again.” - Matt Slavsky

PLUS you'll receive these Bonuses:

Bonus #1:

Mind Your Money Webinar ($97.00 Value)
"Mind Your Money" Takes a subconscious point of view of money, abundance and prosperity. Most people don't know that the number 1 paradox of the subconscious mind is that even though it controls 95 percent of everything you think, say, do and feel about your money, it has no idea what it is!
The truth is until you begin to speak to your subconscious in the language it understands, you'll never effectively attract, keep or enjoy your money. The Mind Your Money webinar will change your perspective on wealth and open the floodgates to your prosperity!

Bonus #2:

Mind Your Business Webinar ($97.00 Value)
"Mind Your Business" Will take you behind the scenes into the hidden control room of your mind. In this business acceleration training, you will learn your physical reality is a reflection of your internal conditioning. When you grow on the inside, your business and personal life will expand on the outside. In The Mind Your Business webinar, you'll discover who's really running the ship and how to regain command for more profit, production and prosperity today!

Bonus #3:

Lifetime FREE Re-Audit! - PRICELESS

Yes you read that right! Your tuition to this event grants you free access to this event for the rest of your life! Why do I do that? Because each time you attend you will see things from a new perspective and a different light. You'll see that once you've had your breakthrough, you'll never be the same again! 

You're also protected by my “This Event Changed My Life” Guarantee.

** I am so confident that this event will absolutely blow you away that if you attend Breakthrough to the Real You in full and are not completely satisfied that you gained anything personally or professionally, I will refund your entire tuition and you can keep the bonuses as my gift. Requirements for refund: you must have attended all sessions of the seminar, request the refund in writing within 15 days of the seminar and provide proof of payment. **

“This has been a very good seminar.  It has been a while since I have been to a training.  This one was different because it was dealing with the seen and unseen worlds as well as the mind.  At times it was overwhelming but I truly believe that I have received several breakthroughs. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Matt.” -  Priscilla Dillbeck

Yes Dr. Matt! I'm ready for my BREAKTHROUGH!


I'll receive:

  1. A ticket to Breakthrough to the Real You; Expose the beliefs that hold you back and learn the fast track to success in 2½ days -- October 20-22, 2017 in Phoenix Arizona.
  2. Mind Your Money Webinar -- digital download.
  3. Mind Your Business Webinar -- digital download.
  4. Lifetime FREE Re-Audit

And I know I'm protected by your “This Event Changed My Life” guarantee.


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Remember, you don't have financial, physical or family problems you only have FREQUENCY problems! Come experience what it's like to finally BE FREE of everything that's holding you back and start living life by design instead of by default. You deserve to get what you want and won't let you get!

See you October 20-22, 2017 in Phoenix!

In Purpose,

Dr. Matt


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