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Are you ready to supercharge your life? Our weekend workshops and training events are the perfect impetus to help you begin to build the life you were made for.

Breakthrough to the Real YOU! –  Discover everything you need to know about the spiritual laws of increase and abundance. Put financial worries behind you as you experience your financial breakthrough and learn to apply these universal principles of attraction.

The Divine Destiny Intensive: If you’re struggling with feelings of frustration or unfulfillment, it’s probably because you haven’t tapped into who you really are, why you are here, or what your life is really about. At The Divine Destiny Intensive, we’ll lead you through a series of powerful exercises and growth experiences to discover your hidden strengths, talents, abilities, and ultimate purpose and path in life. workshop_img

Full Armor Training: This course has truly become our signature event. All who attend have significant and profound life-transforming experiences. At the Full Armo

r Training, you will know that you are a creative force on this planet, able to overcome any obstacle and achieve every desire. 

The Ultimate Wellness Experience: The ultimate wellness experience is truly a celebration of life! At this event, you will learn the latest techniques in mind-body healing and cutting edge energy medicine methods. Live life to its fullest by maximizing your true health potential, youthful vitality, and ultimate human design.

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