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"Imagine living a life of abundance and fulfillment, because you know who you are, why you are here, and can freely express yourself without unconscious blocks of limiting beliefs, negative self talk and uncontrolled emotions."




From the desk of:
Dr. Matt Mannino

Dear Friend,

Does this sound familiar?

  • You've done it all; goal-setting formulas, personal development books, success seminars and even prayer and you're still wondering “What am I missing?!
  • You sometimes feel alone, disconnected or off track with your life and feel nobody gets you including yourself!
  • You are seeking an inner peace, an outer calm and more emotional control. You're basically tired of your emotions getting the best of you and wish you really understood what they were all about.
  • You're tired of experiencing restlessness, a sense of being held back and repeating those same old unproductive (and sometimes destructive) patterns and want the “Groundhog Day” experience to stop and start moving forward with your life!
  • You want to be free from negative thinking, self sabotaging beliefs and unproductive habits. You've tried; visualization, affirmation, meditation and muscle testing. You’ve even tapped on yourself until you were bruised and at best you found that these practices create some temporary shifts but not the permanent and meaningful change you’re seeking.
  • You want to discover your true identity and the source of love, joy and success within you! You've heard it from every personal growth guru out there; find your real, higher, authentic self that's inside you. The only problem is they don't show you how to do that and if they do, how do you know if  that's it?!
  • You've had your “Ah ha” and “Kumbaya” moment at the experiential weekends, boot camps and intensive trainings feeling certain your life would have to improve after this only to fall back into “reality” shortly thereafter.

I've got GREAT news for you - you are SO in the right place right now!

My name is Dr. Matt Mannino, and I'm the creator of the Quantum Emergence System. They call me the “Subconscious Whisperer” in my community because with my Quantum Emergence System I help people REMEMBER  their true identity so they can create  immediate, permanent and meaningful life change.

And now you can experience it too!

Think of the Quantum Emergence System a.k.a. QE as a “life navigation system” that will help you decipher and interpret the hidden messages life gives you every day. It will guide you to:

  • Discover why your life is the way it is and why similar things keep happening to you
  • Predict your future... literally!
  • Learn your true purpose and the fastest way to fulfill it
  • Find an inner peace and outer power especially when everything's falling apart
  • Always know you're doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason
  • Produce results and outcomes that exceed your expectations

and so much more!As a Chiropractic Physician, I've had over 27 years experience in working with the human nervous system and developing ways to tap into its amazing potential to not only heal, restore and renew cells, tissues and organs on the INSIDE but to do the EXACT SAME THING with your finances, relationships and life purpose on the OUTSIDE!

What neuroscience research has shown us for sure is that you will never behave, experience (or attract) anything outside of your belief system. In fact the strongest psychological human drive is to behave consistently with the belief you have about yourself! If you hadn't heard this before, I'm sure it helps explain WHY your life is the way it is. So based on scientific research the REAL REASON you don't have what you want  is NOT because of your spouse, kids, education, boss, customers, health and especially not the government or the economy it's because...  


Your nervous system doesn't think it's SAFE! And
  It doesn't think it's safe because
it's NOT in alignment with your subconscious self perception!

Yes, the key to getting what you want in life and better yet living the life you were created for is to have an accurate belief about yourself that comes by knowing  YOUR TRUE IDENTITY which I call your Virtue.. Knowing your Virtue will reveal the truth of who you are and help you achieve the joy, success and love you never dreamed possible!

Now understand that this is not some theoretical, philosophical or personal development hype that challenges you to discover your true, higher and/or authentic self without giving you a way to help you discover it.

My Quantum Emergence System is next-generation thought based on the latest neuroscience breakthroughs, bio resonant technology, quantum physics and timeless Supernatural Laws and Spiritual truths.

In fact discovering your Virtue is the QUICKEST and BEST way to:

  • Grow your WEALTH, improve your HEALTH and strengthen your REALATIONSHIPS. Yes, the BIG 3 that's on everyone's mind is really the result of an IDENTITY CRISIS!
  • Understanding WHY your life is the way it is and correct the CAUSE of your life's issues instead of just treating symptoms.
  • Discover your life's PURPOSE and the ideal PATHWAY to achieve it.
  • Overcome ANY challenge you are currently facing and I mean EVERYTHING!
  • Tap into your dormant, latent and unused gifts, strengths and talents and start producing RESULTS like you never thought possible
  • Be released from ALL your past childhood conditioning that has resulted in inaccurate judgments, labels and opinions of your true self that affect you to this day.
  • ELIMINATE fear, stress, worry, confusion, doubt, uncertainty and any other negative emotion you're dealing with.
  • EXPERIENCE a deep sense of peace, certainty and confidence as to WHO you are, WHY you are here and WHAT it is you are to do and HOW to do it.


But there is a catch.

Before your Virtue can be revealed to you, which is actually the 2ND step of the Quantum Emergence 5 Step System, you must experience Step 1: Breakthrough.

I define a Breakthrough as Surface-conscious awareness and observation of the Sub-conscious minds thought process in action. In most personal development circles, breakthrough is an experience in which a person discovers a hidden limiting belief that has been sabotaging his or her life and becomes consciously aware of the CAUSE-AND- EFFECT association between that belief and their life struggle.

This is a profound and often surreal experience for these people and often times has life altering effects. Tragically, the statistics show that less than 25% of the human population will ever experience a breakthrough thus the majority of people have no real chance of creating and sustaining positive change. However, even more tragically, those who do have a breakthrough rarely experience the full benefit of that experience due to failure of COMPLETING the process.

One of the reasons my Quantum Emergence System is so unique and different is because it starts where the others leave off!


So why is Breakthrough important and why must it precede discovering your Virtue?


Because your nervous systems prime directive is to keep you SAFE and it does this by keeping you the SAME. Same thoughts, same emotions, same behaviors. And the best way your subconscious mind fulfills this prime directive is to make sure you don't become consciously AWARE of what’s behind these; your belief system.
Now hold on. Before you fall into the trap that most personal development guru's fall into by blaming your limiting beliefs as your problem, consider these facts about beliefs:

  • FACT: They don't know the difference between limiting and supporting, true and false, good and bad. (Your conscious mind decided on those terms, judgments and labels)
  • FACT: They exist for one reason; to keep you safe (that's a good thing http://quantumemergence.com/qe/images/smile.png)
  • FACT: They don't understand or comprehend what money, relationships or health is thus you can't have a belief around those things (more on this one in a bit!)
  • FACT: Their meanings weren't derived by a roll of the dice, a pick from a hat, or arbitrarily out of thin air. (You actually only have 1 choice for the meanings behind all your beliefs)

And here's the clincher. Contrary to popular belief in the personal development genre, early childhood trauma and what you heard, saw or experienced may have been the ENVIRONMENT that the limiting belief was formed in but it is NOT its SOURCE!!

Simply put, your belief system is NOT the problem. It has a crucial and vital role to your human experience:
To protect something that is extremely valuable and important to you that existed prior to your belief about it as well as the source of the belief itself.
... And that something is your VIRTUE!

Have you met yourself yet?


I'm telling you all this so that you will understand why simply changing, reframing, deleting or reprogramming your limiting beliefs is NOT WORKING. If you're new to this work GREAT! Don't waste your time with any program that’s telling you to create new beliefs when you haven't discovered the purpose of the ones you already have!

If you're a veteran to personal development then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You've tried the “grandma's kitchen” approach to creating a new reality with a little visualization and affirmation here, some meditation and hypnosis there, throw in some brain wave entrainment, subliminal audios and videos, goal-setting formulas, NLP, EFT and top it off with the “Law of Attraction”... and what did you get?

There are 2 reasons it didn't work:

  • As I mentioned earlier, the subconscious mind which creates and houses your belief system DOESN’T KNOW what money, people, weight, business etc. is so you can’t have a belief about those things. If that's true,  why would you try to change something that DOESN’T EXIST?
  • Beliefs function at the level of your autonomic nervous system. This level of your nervous system is for your PROTECTION and SURVIVAL. It cannot distinguish between physiological threat or psychological threat. Which means it fights just as hard to keep you alive as it does to keep your existing beliefs about yourself intact. So all your attempts to change your belief system will fail because it perceives it as an attack on your very SURVIVAL! (HINT: unless your subconscious mind feels SAFE ENOUGH to let you change it!)

You see, it's not your fault you still struggle to manifest and live the life you were created for. No one has ever put all the pieces together into an EASY to use PROVEN system that combines Science and Spirit. You get a lot of great information, techniques and strategies from countless experts but it can be overwhelming and confusing if you try to take it all in. And even if you were able to complete that monumental task you'd still be missing the CRITICAL PIECE that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT:

The Key to Upgrading, Completing, Correcting and Aligning an inaccurate belief is knowing your true identity; your Virtue.
With the Quantum Emergence System you will learn:

  • How to overcome every obstacle, achieve any desire and honor your creator by knowing and being your true self.
  • How to see past the illusion that your reality is something that needs to be controlled and manipulated and realize that your environment is here to serve you not stress you!
  • How to become fully integrated with God, yourself and your environment and experience true life fulfillment.
  • How to discover and live your Truth; your Virtue and your Voice
  • How to be set free from the lie of your current mind prison resulting from past conditioning.
  • How to release your hidden dormant gifts, talents and strengths that are needed to reach your next level of success, productivity and achievement.
  • How to experience spontaneous, systematic and sustainable heart-based transformation versus head-based outcomes.
  • How to vanquish fear, stress, worry, confusion, doubt and uncertainty from your life once and for all.
  • How to experience immediate and meaningful shifts in thoughts, feelings and actions that create massive, measurable results in the areas of life that are most important to you.
  • How to rid yourself from past and present emotional pain, heartache and hopelessness and see the unlimited possibilities for your future happiness.
  • How to express your true creative power and natural ability to attract and manifest from the unseen to the seen.
  • How to restore the limiting beliefs, (a.k.a. self-sabotaging programs, blueprints, scripts, “stories”, paradigms, filters, contradictions, competing commitments, destructive cellular memory) that have limited your human potential.
  • The “WHY’s” of your life; “Why did this happen? Why is this happening? Why can’t I change? Why is it so hard? Why don't I know?...”
  • How to pursue your purpose with confidence, clarity and certainty
  • How to graciously, boldly and victoriously embrace and navigate the predictable and unpredictable changes and transitions through life.

It's VITAL you get all the pieces of the puzzle, because if you don't, chances are you're not going to create lasting and significant change.

You're about to get my ENTIRE, PROVEN system on getting yourself on the fast track towards a life  of lasting abundance, vibrant health and passionate purpose (and how to truly live the life you were created for!)

"The Quantum Emergence
5 Step Personal Transformation System"


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You're about to learn my clear, PROVEN, 5- STEP system which teaches you EXACTLY how to manifest the life you were created for, in the comfort of your home. You will  learn your true identity that will put you on a path to peace, joy and fulfillment, and away from struggle, stress and strife... FAST.

Whether you're a newbie at this or an experienced personal development facilitator, life coach or trainer, you'll discover the principles and a framework to create reproducible, sustainable and tangible life change.
Here's just a sampling of what you'll experience with this system:


1. Breakthrough-The Cause

What it is:  This first step helps you see the REAL cause and effect relationship between you and the situations and circumstances you are experiencing. Together, we will go behind the scenes of your life and expose the subconscious blockage and unconscious opposition that's been preventing you from getting what you want. Whether you realize it or not, there is a battle that's raging between your Surface-conscious mind (what you want) and your Sub-conscious mind (what you believe).

Why it's important: You can't change what you're not aware of. This is the foundation of the system because you cannot fix the problem until you correct the underlying cause. Breakthrough is where we will pullback the veil and expose the inner conflict that's been holding you back and the real cause behind your stress, frustration and uncertainty. Your transformation begins when you stop blaming what's going on outside of you and see the cause is from within.

In this module you will learn:

  • How to observe and experience negative thoughts and feelings without participating in them. This one exercise is critical in learning how to LEARN from your nervous system and not go victim to it!
  • The 3 questions you must ask yourself to accurately interpret your emotional states. (Don't do this and you will miss the mark every time for possible breakthrough and growth opportunity!)
  • How to determine which life issues need to be addressed first versus those areas that you think are your problem (Hint -- this will be a huge wake-up call.)
  • My 3 simple secrets on knowing EXACTLY what your body is trying to tell you on where to find the answers to your struggles. (Use this to flush out the ROOT cause)
  • A powerful PROCESS that will help you see and accept the cause-and-effect associations between your belief system and your reality. This is one of the first major roadblocks that people fall into after they've experienced a breakthrough because your subconscious mind is resisting change. Don't let this happen to you!
  • The 4 causes of conditioning. Knowing and understanding HOW, WHEN and WHY your limiting beliefs are formed will help you effectively navigate and accelerate the change you are seeking.
  • 8 ways to identify limiting beliefs. Remember the most THREATENING thing to an existing belief system is change! Because of this, it has developed very sneaky ways to stay hidden and out of your conscious awareness. These techniques will help you expose the lie!

And more!


“To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I knew there were blockages inside of me that were preventing me from moving forward. To have it revealed to me the first day and then to see the results of that breakthrough manifested 2 days later was truly amazing."
Mary McAuley

“This experience was so awesome and life changing. If I could sum it all up in a saying I will say to people “Get ready to experience Freedom!”
Yvonda Shelton

2. Emergence - The Source

What it is:

In this second step of the Quantum Emergence System, Emergence is the life altering experience when your true identity, and the source of ALL your beliefs your Virtue, is revealed to you. It is a process whereby all three levels of your consciousness are engaged in serving and assisting you in this critical phase of your transformation.

Why it's important: If you don't know your true identity all your attempts to create immediate, permanent and meaningful change will fall flat. This will be a hugely significant turning point in your life because for the first time you will learn exactly WHY your life is the way it is and the meaning BEHIND your beliefs. Knowing your Virtue will also help you understand and explain why you think and act the way you do.

Your Virtue represents the core of who you are. It is the source of your life's duality; your highest of highs and lowest of lows. It is behind everything that you perceive as important, valuable and meaningful as well as your deepest, darkest pain. In The Quantum Emergence System I refer to this “dark side” as a “conditioned” Virtue. Your Virtue is that eternal part of you that existed BEFORE you had a physical body and is the source of ALL your beliefs limiting and supporting. I describe Virtue by the following:

  • Your Life's Theme
  • Your Primal Substance -- The first part of your physical presence that emerges from pure consciousness; the transition point from Spirit being to Human being
  • Your Pure original electro-magnetic signature
  • The fixed filter from which you perceive, interpret and define your reality
  • Your natural resonant or home frequency
  • Your Spiritual Essence, Essential Nature, Divine DNA
  • You're “Why”

In fact, this is your alternative if you don't know your true identity:

  • No fulfillment
  • Not being able to Manifest change that serves you
  • No fulfillment
  • Remaining stuck in your unproductive patterns
  • No fulfillment
  • Re-experiencing the same old problems in life  because you don't know how to fix the cause
  • No fulfillment

Best yet, you don't have to be a neuroscience expert or spiritual intuitive to know your Virtue because the truth is you ALREADY KNOW! It’s just that your nervous system (Mind Prison) has been extremely effective in keeping you in the dark and missing the mark when it comes to remembering WHO you are and WHY you are here.
That's why a second set of eyes, so to speak, is necessary to guide you in remembering your true self and that's exactly what happens during your 1 on 1 session with me. I will help you remove the veil through a unique process including a specialized series of diagnostic questions so that you will know your TRUTH and the truth will set you FREE!
Here are the 9 Virtues and a brief description:

  1. Diligence -- a sense of internal joy and a hope for future expectations
  2. Faith -- a sense of personal safety and pursuit of the unknown
  3. Valor -- a sense of self-trust and impulse for creative expression
  4. Knowledge -- a sense of understanding and a thirst for wisdom
  5. Self-control -- a sense of personal power and a yearning for stability
  6. Perseverance -- a sense of individual achievement and a drive for excellence
  7. Goodness -- a sense of internal purity and protecting what is right
  8. Kindness -- a sense of being appreciated and standing for equality
  9. Love -- a sense of abundance and an agenda for completion

**Warning!! -- Please don't attempt to consciously determine what your virtue is simply by the name of the Virtue. It represents so much more than the face value of its dictionary definition. Remember we are dealing with an unlimited spiritual entity that drives your human nature. It's full potential will probably never be fully realized while you are alive!


“Indeed, one of the most mind opening things I have ever experienced.”
Patrick Caballern

“FOUR DAYS FOR RESULTS!... Seriously, who does that? While I did. After studying the blogs on QuantumEmergence.com I found myself on a webinar with Dr. Matt about “limiting beliefs” which led to even more questions so I obtained a copy of his e-book on the website. In 2 days the university I have been wanting to attend enrolled me for the 2013 fall session with a scholarship. After the fourth day, my other desire to become ordained, my certification appeared! It really is exactly as he describes were manifesting and creating seems effortless. It took a moment and a few more attempts to accept and receive that the positive change was actually real. I pray my experience is helpful. It would bring me great joy to know others feel as blessed as I do."
Jessica Knight



3. Activation - The Fix

What it is:
It's time to correct the cause. Now that you know your Virtue, you hold the key to healing, completion and renewal. During Activation you will upgrade your belief system so that it focuses on the light side of who you are instead of the dark side of conditioning. In this step you will prepare your truth for the next chapter of your life.
Why it's important. Your virtue holds the power to create congruency and integrity within yourself. When you heal on the inside and restore an accurate self perception your external environment must follow suit and mirror that new expression. When you see yourself as who God created you to be, you'll have a direct and immediate impact on healing every aspect of your life that you're experiencing struggle, stress and strife.
In this step you will learn:

  • A powerful prayer for HEALING. Knowing your Virtue will help you take 100% responsibility of your life and EVERYTHING that has ever happened to you. From that state of being you will be able to truly activate the most powerful healing energy known to man; FORGIVENESS. This process will cleanse, purify and wash away all the stains and residue from your Virtue that conditioning has caused helping you rid the pain of the dark side once and for all!
  • 3 simple Techniques to clear Negative Energy. You've heard a lot about energy work and you know this is powerful stuff. The reason why those techniques were limited or didn't work at all is because they didn't eliminate the ROOT of the problem they were just treating a symptom (Remember negative energy is ¼ of your Mind Prison). Now that you know the CAUSE, a conditioned Virtue, these techniques will be TONS more effective and more importantly correct the source of destructive energy patterns.
  • How to live your life through your Super-conscious. Wouldn't it be cool to be the director of your life instead of an actor in it? When you are truly living from your Super -consciousness through the eyes of the light side of your Virtue, you will take back control of your life and experience a profound piece and uncommon confidence you've never had before.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge neuroscience research, I will show you how to hit the RESET BUTTON to your nervous system! I will teach you exactly what to do in order to effectively REPROGRAM your belief system in lightning speed. (Hint: it's all about the environment of your subconscious mind)

And more!


“Since my QE3 (3 Phase Revealed Self Process) session with Dr. Matt two days ago, I have experienced a great breakthrough. I noticed that people receive me more favorably. I feel respect and love from others more readily. People who previously did not seem to see me now see me. I love this new feeling of respect, attention, freedom and love that I have been experiencing. I feel more connected to other people. This new freedom allows me to be the real me. It’s awesome to just let go and be me. No more pretending that everything is okay, and no more trying so hard to fit in. The truth has set me free! Thank you Dr. Matt”
Katherine Hughes

“Thank you does not even begin to scratch the surface of the gratitude in my heart. It will have to do until I can figure out a way - an earthly way to articulate my enormous appreciation to you for the many gifts you release to set others (me) free with literally life-saving results! How do I possibly express enough gratitude for that? With deepest appreciation, honor, respect and friendship”
Diana Chavez

“Upon completing the QE3 coaching session with Dr. Matt, many incredible things have transpired in my life. Uncovering my own personal Virtue has been a gift in itself. Understanding why I make certain decisions and seeing how I have unknowingly been holding myself back from the success that I desire has been liberating. Dr. Matt has given me the tools to identify and free myself from perceptions that I did not previously realized I held to. Prior to my time with Dr. Matt and Source Trainings, I struggled with the overwhelming feeling that something was missing in my life. Upon discovering my Virtue, I came to know exactly what was missing. I didn’t actively seek ways to mend this hole, but rather, I simply began working on this Virtue and my perceptions. I used the tools given to me through Quantum Emergence to identify patterns in my life and to work through them. As a natural result, what was missing in my life fell right into my lap!”

Amanda Krieg


4. Expression - The Path

What it is:

 Now that you know who you are it's time to RELEASE the real you! This UNPARALLELED step of the Quantum Emergence System is like nothing you've ever experienced before! It's simply NOT revealed in any other personal development system available.Aside from knowing your true identity, it holds the ANSWER to one of the most frequently asked questions in life; WHAT am I here TO DO?

Why It’s important.This step is where the rubber hits the road. You'll discover EXACTLY the sphere of influence that you are “prewired” to have the greatest IMPACT, AUTHORITY, and LEADERSHIP over. Your Voice represents your ideal PUBLIC EXPRESSION and is the highest and best USE of your Virtue. It is where your innate gifts, natural talents and signature strengths are MOST leveraged for MAXIMUM BENEFIT and EFFECT for you and those in need in your environment.
Your Voice is the supernatural quality that helps you bridge the gap between your spiritual nature and your physical environment.
Here are the 7 Voices (AKA Mountains/Verticals):

  1. Media and Communication
  2. Government and Law
  3. Education
  4. Business and Economy
  5. Arts and Entertainment
  6. Church and Religion
  7. Family

Knowing your Voice will set you on a clear and accelerated path to SUCCESS, SERVICE and PROMINENCE.
But don't be fooled! Your Voice has much greater meaning and significance than just helping direct your choice in vocation, profession,next business opportunity or career path. It truly holds the key to your FULFILLMENT in life because neuroscience research has proven that regardless of how much MONEY you have or how great your RELATIONSHIPS are, you'll never experience a deep sense of PERSONAL SATISFACTION unless you are utilizing your unique gifts and talents while helping OTHERS!


“Dr. Matt, I’ve had dramatic results in every aspect of my life by applying some simple techniques that I learned from your (Quantum Emergence) system. They absolutely work!”
Greg White

“I’m happy to report that I am a transformed person and an incredible work in progress! I just got back from a Lake Powell houseboat trip - what an inspirational place to reflect on all the positive changes that are occurring for me! It is amazing how my relationships with people have changed - without the self-doubt, judgment and stories, there is so much more capacity to create meaningful connections! I am on track with my daily meditations around my holistic goal. I’ve also opened my heart to accept God and am experiencing the healing that I never dreamed possible! Thank you Dr. Matt and staff for your trust, inspiration and love!”
Sheila B. King


5. Manifestation - The Freedom

What it is: Let the fun begin! In this step, I show you how to co-create what you want when you want. The Holistic Manifestation Method includes a formula and strategies to help you deliberately and intentionally transmute invisible energy  into physical form; turn your thoughts into things.
Why it's important. Okay so you're free of unconscious limitations and self sabotaging behaviors, you know your true identity and the ideal pathway to fulfill your lifes purpose… so let's get to work!

This step is a stand-alone process. Whether you know your Virtue and Voice or not you can use the Holistic Manifestation Method to co-create the life of your dreams and more importantly the life you were created live.

In order to experience something new and different on the OUTSIDE you must become that very thing by renewing yourself on the INSIDE! This phenomenon for how thoughts (and beliefs) become things is known by many names such as; the Wheeler-Feynman observer effect, The Faith principle, Creative Manifestation and the most popular; The Law of Attraction.

Although the “Law of Attraction” is not necessarily a validated scientific law that has been hypothesized and theorized and, more importantly, experimentally tested, it is rather an “empirical” law similar to “Murphy's Law”. What we do know, however, regarding this phenomenon is that there is a large body of work in the scientific community, primarily in the areas of quantum physics that VALIDATES many of the claims and postulates that this law implies.

Simply put, this law states that like attracts like and that what you THINK about you BRING about. A more expanded definition would say that you attract into your life whatever you give your attention, focus and energy to whether positive or negative. Regardless what you call it or how you define it, it's at work RIGHT NOW manifesting and maintaining every situation, circumstance and environment you are currently experiencing based on, you guessed it, your FREQUENCY!

Bottom line... consciousness DOES create reality and if you don't have what you want in life it's because you're not a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to it!

In This step you learn the 2-Part Holistic Manifestation Method that Includes:

  • The Holistic Manifestation Formula - 5-part audio series including PDF instructional outline
  • The Holistic Manifestation Strategy - PDF manual including daily rituals, strategies and techniques for reprogramming your subconscious mind

In the REALITY ALTERING 5 Part Holistic Manifestation Formula you will learn:

  • 5 steps to manifest anything anytime
  • How to create coherence between your conscious and subconscious; the real key behind the Law of Attraction!
  • The 6 postulates of the Law of Attraction and how it really works
  • How to determine your new resonant frequency that's in alignment with your goals
  • How to discover the intention/goal that will have the greatest impact on your life
  • How to remove resistant resonant energy that will keep you from attracting what you want
  • How to amplify your new frequency for the quickest results
  • 2 techniques to imprint the quantum field with your request; Ask and you shall receive!
  • How to use your mind, body and spirit to connect with the supernatural and God's abundance
  • 5 qualities you must develop in order to consistently and successfully evoke this law
  • 4 aspects of expecting and receiving exceedingly abundantly beyond what you could have asked for or imagined

And more!
Utilizing the latest neuroscientific breakthroughs, the Holistic Manifestation Strategy is a guide that will help you develop new thoughts, beliefs and behaviors through daily habits and rituals. These ongoing activities will create a new vibrational state or signature that ultimately PRODUCES and SUSTAINS your new desired reality. Research has shown that without them, there is less than a 30% success rate!

This powerful manual is loaded with over 20 simple yet PROVEN techniques, tools and tactics to reconstruct new neural nets that support your ideal frequency easily, effortlessly and naturally!

Renew your mind with these cutting edge exercises all in a minimum of 30 minutes a day!


“My life story has now been changed from a victim role to an exciting epic of encounters that have the potential to either change my life and/or with those I interact with. I am open and willing to live, learn and love because I am no longer afraid to speak my truth because of the fear of rejection or being unlovable. Dr. Matt, I believe in your work and know that you are divinely guided. I love the fact that you bring the Bible into expression and can interpret readings into something that can relate to everyone NOW. I., for one, wish you every success as you continue on your journey to help others to recognize who they are and the inherent potential that each and every one of us has to influence and alter our future outcomes in any given situation.”
Linda Juralewicz

“Dr. Matt, after “going to the basement” with you, I got clear that the story that I created about being “not good enough” was why I was experiencing discomfort and stress instead of excitement about my work. I let this belief go by taking responsibility for creating it and forgiving the people who I had been blaming all these years for making me feel this way. I now have less stress, I love more, my ability to feel and read the emotions of others is at an all-time high and I am more confident when approaching large corporate clients about my social media services. I am speedily transitioning from a struggling entrepreneur to a business leader whose knowledge and services are in demand.”
Michael Walker


So now you may be wondering, “Dr. Matt, how EXACTLY are you going to help me to...

  • Break free from my current patterns and get unstuck
  • Discover my true identity
  • Restore my confidence and renew my hope for an amazing life
  • Remember my purpose and the ideal path to achieve it
  • Manifest my deepest desires and greatest goals

...so that I can start living the life that I was created for?”

Valid question!

Here's my answer...
I designed this training to go much deeper than anything you've ever experienced before. Unlike other programs, that leave you alone to struggle your way through trying to find the time and focus to learn and apply it, I'm going to hold your hand all the way through. It's not okay with me for you to do anything but experience the results you are seeking and maximize your investment here.
Here are the specifics of how we’re going to do this:
You'll be sent an invitation to join our exclusive online forum, where I'll post all trainings, recordings of all 5 live training calls, additional video trainings, transcripts, worksheets, and for your eyes only detailed, behind the scenes transformational content. You will also have instructions in module 2 on how to schedule your 1-on-1 call with me.

5 Additional Bonuses!

Bonus #1 - "Money On Your Mind; The Neuroscience of Creating Wealth”
In this powerful training you will learn the latest neuroscience research on how to engage your nervous system to pursue and attract wealth and newly discovered techniques to finally develop a millionaire mindset!
Bonus #2 - Mind Your Life Teleseries
Our mind your life tell-e-series has been one of our most popular community support trainings to date! I describe this series as a “subconscious point of view” on the areas of life that are most important to you including; health, finance, relationships, career, purpose, passion and many other pertinent and relevant topics. You will gain new insights and learn powerful techniques on how to create immediate and sustainable change in all areas of life!

Bonus #3 - One ticket to "Breakthrough to the Real You" LIVE Event in Phoenix Arizona (value $1295)
You’ll Experience firsthand the magic of the Quantum Emergence System with other like-minded individuals on the path to greater success and life fulfillment! This training has been designed to help you create significant change in the shortest period of time in the areas of life that are most important to you including:

  • Money and finance
  • Health and wellness
  • Life purpose
  • Relationships

Our promise to you is to help you experience breakthrough in the area of life that you need it the most. Whether you are in crisis mode, searching for answers or ready to experience the next level of success, this event is designed to equip you and empower you to create the change you desire.  Through a unique and proprietary series of processes, exercises and group activities, You'll discover exactly what's been holding you back and the specific steps to follow to correct the cause once and for all!

Mega Bonus:
Plus you will also get LIFETIME UNLIMITED ACCESS to the Quantum Emergence membership site! I will continually be updating the site with cutting-edge content, strategies, tips and techniques to help you maximize the 5 modules and create the biggest change in the shortest amount of time possible in those areas of life that are most important to you! This will truly be a “one-stop shop” for all your personal development needs.


To recap, here's what you'll get with “The Quantum Emergence 5 Step Personal Transformation System”


  • 5 live calls with me that include the chance to ask me questions and work through the material together
  • Prior to each call you will have pre-work so you can come to the call prepared and ready to take it further
  • A live, bonus Q&A call
  • Playback's and transcripts of the calls
  • Exclusive exercises, worksheets and content to support and maximize the benefits of each of the 5 steps
  • Complementary cutting edge training material not found or taught in any other trainings or formats
  • A one-on-one “Revealed Self” Virtue processing session with me to identify your Virtue!

Plus, you'll receive these FREE Bonuses:

  • Money on your mind; the neuroscience of creating wealth - how to rewire your brain to grow your income - MP3
  • Mind your life teleseries - relevant, practical insights on mastering every aspect of your life-webinars/MP3s
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Quantum Emergence membership site continually updated with current, relevant “how to’s” to help you master your mind and your life!
  • 1 ticket to the “Breakthrough to the Real You”  live 3 day event in Phoenix Arizona


So now you're probably wondering, “What's this going to cost me?”

To keep it simple, my personal mentoring clients pay anywhere between $500 and $1000 per session.
This program is considered an intangible benefit because you are not investing in a tangible product or business system you are investing in yourself and your TRANSFORMATION (BTW how much is that worth to you??). And, in my opinion, that is the ONLY investment that guarantees you a return on your money. The key difference is that it has an UNLIMITED potential on its return based on what you put into it. Having said that, if I were to give you a total value of this offer it would look like this:

  • The Quantum Emergence System for living the life you were created for. This will be covered in 5 live training and Q&A calls, plus a live bonus Q&A call (A $1997 value. Step 5, The Holistic Manifestation Method, has sold for $397 just by itself!)
  • A one-on-one Virtue processing session with Dr. Matt ($500 value)
  • Money on Your Mind ($97 value)
  • Mind Your Life Teleseries ($197 value)
  • A Ticket to our Live 3 day event in Phoenix Arizona: Breakthrough to the Real You - Discovering the secret to getting immediate change and results in every area of your life. ($1295 value)
  • Lifetime access to the Quantum Emergence membership site... PRICELESS!

Total Value: $4,086.00
Your Cost Today, Only $1,997
(A $2,089 savings!)


Plus you're protected by my “Beyond Your Wildest Expectations
Quantum Emergence” Guarantee

I am confident that you haven't ever experienced anything like my Quantum Emergence system and that you will find the answers you've been searching for. Just to back that up, I'll give you until the start of the 3rd call to experience the work and really decide if it's for you. If you decide it's not for you... just let me know to get a full refund. 100%! No reason needed.


Yes Dr. Matt! I'm ready to live the life I was created for!

So are you ready to get started? Reserve your space TODAY because your Quantum Emergence experience is just a few weeks away!

Yes Dr Matt! I'm in!


For just $1,997 I understand I'm getting:

  • 5 Live calls with me that include the chance to ask me questions and work through the material together
  • Prior to each call you will have pre-work so you can come to the call prepared and ready to take it further
  • A live, bonus Q&A call
  • Playback's and transcripts of the calls
  • Exclusive exercises, worksheets and content to support and maximize the benefits of each of the 5 steps
  • Complementary cutting edge training material not found or taught in any other trainings or formats
  • A one-on-one “Revealed-Self” processing session with me to identify your Virtue!

Plus, you'll receive these FREE bonuses:

  • Money on your mind; the neuroscience of creating wealth - how to rewire your brain to grow your income - MP3
  • Mind your life teleseries - relevant, practical insights on mastering every aspect of your life-webinars/MP3s
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Quantum Emergence membership site continually updated with current, relevant “How To’s” to help you master your mind and your life!
  • A ticket to our next live 3 day event in Phoenix Arizona: Breakthrough to the Real You - Discovering the secret to getting immediate change and results in every area of your life.



$1,997 (best deal)


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In Purpose,

Dr. Matt

P.S. If there was a missing link to your personal development this is it! And with my “Beyond your wildest expectations Quantum Emergence” guarantee there's no risk to reserve your spot now and prove it to yourself!

P.P.S. Please note that you only have a limited time to invest in my easy payment plans. If you're ready to move forward with your life and you want an easy payment plan, then reserve your space while you can!

P.P.P.S. Remember, you also get FREE registration to our live 3 day event in Phoenix Arizona: Breakthrough to the Real You - Discovering the secret to getting immediate change and results in every area of your life.